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Dryer Vent Cleaning To Improve Vent Air Flow


Clogged dryer vents can cause a multitude a problems for homeowners in Colorado Springs.   We have run into so many homeowners that don’t even know that the dryer vents need to be cleaned out.   They go for years and years, running their dryer, then start seeing that their clothes are not drying right or not at all.  Let’s take a further look into who should get their dryer vents cleaned and a few of causes of dryer vent clogs.

Who Should Get Their Dryer Vents Cleaned Out

So who needs to get their dryer vents cleaned?   Well, anyone that runs a dryer to dry their clothes and towels.  This could be homeowners, renters, or even businesses.  So many people forget or don’t even know they need to get the dryer vent cleaned.  

Homeowners:  Everyone that owns a home needs to make sure they clean their dryer vents at least every year.  Doing multiple loads per week, produces a lot of lint flowing through the vent system.  Over time this lint collects in the vent lines and builds up over time.    When the vent lines start collecting lint, the air flow is decreased, which reduces the drying quality and puts more of a burden on the dryer.

Businesses:  A lot of businesses like cleaning services and pet grooming do a lot of laundry for their business needs.  These types of businesses typically do more laundry than the typical homeowner and put a lot of stress on the dryers.  We have seen that most of these businesses neglect the cleaning of the dryer vents.  After a very short period of time, the vent lines get clogged and all the problems occur.  Businesses that do a lot of laundry every day, should get their dryer vents cleaned every 6-9 months.

The pictures below is the dryer vent of a Colorado Springs homeowner.  The dryer vent went up to the roof.  They said they never got the dryer vents cleaned out and have done 5-6 loads every week.  The dryer vent had become clogged all the way from the dryer, all the vent line and completely clogged the vent exit.   The second image shows the cleaned out vent.

Clogged Dryer Vent

Dryer vent in Colorado Springs needs cleaning

Cleaned Dryer Vent

Clean dryer vent in colorado springs

What Causes Your Dryer Vent To Become Clogged

Lint from the clothes:  The dryer filter does catch some of the clothes’ lint, but not nearly enough.  the clothes’ lint is pushed through the vent lines and continuously builds up over time.  If the dryer vent lines are not cleaned out on a regular basis, the lint will build up so much that the vent lines become completely clogged.

Humidity from wet clothes:  The wet clothes push a lot of humidity through the vent lines.  The humidity gets the lint wet and is much harder to flow.  It also is a major factor in lint build-up on the vent lines.  When the lines start getting clogged and the wet clothes produce humidity, this is when the build-up starts occurring really fast and causes the blockage much more. 

Should you clean your own dryer vents?

I hear that many people buy a brush system from a local retailer and try to clean the dryer vents by themselves.  In the end, they always call Mountain Air Duct to get the job done.  Those brushes typically only go a few feet if that, because of the bends in the vent lines.  Or, the brushes break off and get stuck in the lines.  It always best to hire a professional Colorado Springs dryer vent cleaning company, like Mountain Air Duct.  The professionals have the equipment to break through the clogs and go through all the lines.

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