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Top 3 Reasons To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned In the Winter

As winter is here and it is getting colder, homeowners across Colorado Springs hasten their preparations for the harsh deep freeze ahead. Most overlook one key item. They will be busy cleaning the chimney, preparing a batch of chili, and ordering firewood only to forget air duct cleaning.

Statistically, you’ll spend up to 87% of time indoors, and in winter, the bulk of the time could be inside your home, where pollutants are 3 to 5 times more than in the outdoors. Dirty air ducts may contribute significantly to indoor pollution. And in winter, you’ll be confined inside a tightly controlled atmosphere. What’s more, you’re not likely to open your windows.

So, here are three top reasons why air duct cleaning during fall is critical:

Reason 1: Prevent health problems

air duct cleaning vents for allergiesThe first sign you can look for to determine if the air ducts are clean, in addition to conducting a physical examination, is to leave the system off for some time and turn it on again. If the ducts are dirty and full of dust, you will immediately notice that a gust of dust will be blown from the vents. After the system runs for several minutes, dust particles may dissipate. But note that the dust is not gone; it’s just recirculating throughout your home.

Dust may trigger reactions in people with allergies such as wheezing, infections, asthma attacks, and other dust-related problems. Chemical particles may be present in the dust. They may come from cleaning products used inside the home.

Dirty air ducts harbor other pollutants and contaminants. Although not so common, there might be a mold outbreak. It occurs when there are moisture and favorable weather conditions such as warm temperatures. Summer provides the right temperatures, and your air conditioning system contributes to the moisture. Mold spores are harmful to people with compromised or weak immune systems like children.

Reason 2: Remove any pet hairs that may have accumulated in the vents

If you’re a pet owner, your heating ventilation system may be harboring pet hairs and dander. They may cause various allergic reactions even in healthy persons, with symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, etc. Pet hairs also get contaminated with saliva and pollen grains – from your dog playing outside during summer.

Air duct cleaning services will significantly contribute to the cleanliness of your indoor air. You can also get a HEPA filter that reduces the presence of dander and pet hairs in the home’s air vents.

Reason 3: Get to save on energy costs

Heating your home during winter is costly, and it would be unfortunate for dirty air ducts to waste some of the energy.  They waste this energy by impeding smooth airflow, forcing your heater or furnace to work harder.

Clean air ducts mean efficient heating and cooling. It will cut down on your energy costs during the winter that will last for months. While at it, you can also have the ducts checked for leaks, ensuring you’re not losing heated air to unoccupied spaces.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs

Are you searching for air duct cleaning companies in Colorado Springs? You need to work with seasoned experts. And since you may have questions on duct cleaning, we’re here to provide the answers. Inquire, for instance, about the cost of having the ductwork in your home cleaned. Reach out to our team today at 719-629-7790.

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