How to cleaning the air ducts

This Is What Air Duct Cleaning Looks Like

What Does The AIr Duct Cleaning Process Look Like

So what is this thing called Air Duct Cleaning?  Most homeowners in Colorado Springs, have no idea that they need to get the air ducts cleaned in their homes.  When they start researching duct cleaning and start calling around to various companies, they begin to learn about different pricing options and different processes.  Due to the pricing, they begin to wonder if it is really necessary and what actually takes place.

Take a look at this video.  It show the average amount of dust and dirt in the Hvac trunk line after about 3-5 years in the average home in Colorado Springs.

If you’re surprised by the amount of dust and dirt that is present, then you’re not alone.  We see this every day on the air duct cleaning jobs.  The duct cleaning process is called a negative air system.  We connect the high-powered vacuum to the furnace plenum, so everything is being sucked down.  We then use the compressed air line with these special whips.  These whips agitate all the debris into the vacuum. 

The benefit of getting the air ducts cleaned in your home is to significantly reduce the dust and allergens from continually recirculating throughout the house. 

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