Air Duct Cleaned in Colorado Springs

Air Duct Cleaning For Your New House

Why Do You need Air Duct Cleaning for your New House in Colorado Springs

Moving into a new or new to you home, means that there are a lot of things that need to be done to make it feel comfortable and clean. So many new homeowners don’t even think about or know about getting the air ducts cleaned. This is something that should be done on a consistent basis, especially when moving into a new house. We will discuss the reasons and the importance of air duct cleaning for every homeowner.

New Build House Duct Cleaning

Getting the air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs after a new house has been built is very critical. Almost everyone thinks that when buying a brand new house, everything will be nice and clean and new. In most cases, everything is nice and new, but what about the duct system that was installed before all the drywall was installed, flooring sawdust and just plain all the builders’ trash and junk. Drywall dust is a major problem in the homebuilding process. Cutting the drywall creates a tremendous amount of dust. This dust is floating in the air and throughout the entire house. When settled it gets all over the floors and air duct system. Typically we see a good thick layer of drywall dust throughout the whole duct system and the builders, inspectors and new homeowners don’t even know it there. Now when the furnace and air conditioning kicks on, this disturbs the drywall dust and causes it to start circulating throughout the house.  Now you’re breathing all these contaminants.  

The images below shows how the drywall collects in the trunk lines.  After the cleaning,  all the dust is gone.

Air Duct with Drywall Dust
Air Duct Cleaned in Colorado Springs

Previously Owned Home Duct Cleaning

You never know what you’re going to get when you buy a previously owned house. Especially when we are talking about the guts of the house, specifically the air duct system. The home inspectors do not open up the vents and scope the ducts to see if there are contamination issues that need to be resolved. People move into houses, clean the floors, kitchen and bathroom, because they want to get rid of the previous owners dirt and germs. This helps clean up all the surface germs, but what about the guts of the house, where the majority of the dirt and germs collect. Considering that air contaminants are the most dangerous, your air flow system should be the most important thing to clean, to get the previous owners germs out of the house. If they had pets, then there will be with a highly likely chance, that there will be animal hair and an overabundant amount of germs in the air duct system.

The images below show the dirty air duct trunk line with dust and dog hair.  The second image show how well we get this trunk line cleaned. 

air Duct Cleaning Before in Colorado Springs
Cleaned Air Duct Cleaning

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