Time to Clean Air Ducts

When Is It Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

So many of your customers always ask “when should they get the air ducts cleaned in their house”.  Well according to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association), they recommend every 3-5 years.  This is true and we try to go by this recommendation, but there are many other factors as to when air ducts should be cleaned.  So let’s go over the main issues that will contribute to time frame to clean your air ducts.

When Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned

We talked about cleaning the ducts every 3-5 years, but there are a lot of other factors that may cause the need for duct cleaning.

New Home Build:  When a house is built, there is a lot of drywall dust, sawdust, builders’ material, and trash.
New build air duct cleaning

New Home Build:  When a house is built, there is a lot of drywall dust, sawdust, builders’ material, and trash.
New build air duct cleaning

Moving into a home:  Who wants to move into a home, where the previous owner had pets and just plain dirt?  Most likely, there is the previous owner’s pet hair, dirt, and just all their contaminants.  This is the perfect time to start off fresh and get the duct circulation nice and clean.
Air Duct Cleaning of Pet Hair


Is it Time To Clean the Air Ducts?

Most homeowners in Colorado Springs don’t have any idea when they should clean the air ducts. In fact a lot of homeowners don’t even know that cleaning air ducts is such a thing. 

One of the best ways to determine if the ducts in your home need to be cleaned is to unscrew the cold air return vent (Image on the left).  If there is dirt, dust and pet hair in and around the opening, then this a big indicator that it is time.  Secondly, from the open cod air return vent, you can take a picture of the trunk line (picture on the right), to see how much dirt, dust and contaminants are in the cold air return trunk line.  The dirty and contaminated ducts in this house were constantly recirculating and causing allergies to the homeowner.  This is the #1 sign that the air ducts in the home need to be cleaned.

Time to Clean Air Ducts
Trunk of dirt air duct

What Are The Results of Duct Cleaning?

When we clean the ducts, we clean out all the dirt, dust and contaminants, so there is nothing left and you will breathe clean air again in your home.  The picture below shows how clean the ducts are after we are done.

Cleaned Return Duct

In review, any time of the year is the perfect time to get the air ducts cleaning in Colorado Springs.  You should get the ducts cleaned every 3-5 years.  They should especially be cleaned with new builds, after a remodel, or moving into a new house previously owned by someone else.  You can determine if your ducts need to be cleaned by looking inside the cold air return vent and also the return trunk line.

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